The indie film, currently deep in post-production, was written and directed by Ryan Gary and tells a post-apocalyptic tale of survival in a new Wild West.

The story centers on one angry dude, William Shadrach (Sharpe), who sold his soul to the devil some 235 years earlier and has been killing for Satan’s minion ever since. Now Shadrach wants his soul back, and he ain’t foolin’ around.

He arrives in the lawless town of Celestial to meet his nemesis—but this is no ordinary community. Everything has been nuked, the only thriving business is prostitution and the locals don’t take kindly to strangers—not to mention there are zombies about! What a mess.

Are you sure you have enough Genres in there…. Maybe you want to have a few space ships or possibly a dragon.

Holy crap! I really want to see a zombie dragon! How badass would that be?