Lovecraftian madness and zombies... awesome!

Would you describe these as mutants or zombies…. possibly zombie mutants?  No really, I’m asking.

Not all zombies are the pop culture/George Romero zombie.  In fact I’d have to say I’m more in favor of the other types of zombies myself.  Zombification through parasites or supernatural forces are far more interesting to me than the “Done to Death” viral zombies.

Whatever’s going on with these poor mutant/zombies sure seams to have a Lovecraftian bent to it.  I thoroughly approve and I’ll put this on my list of must check out movies.

Dead Shadows tells the terrifying story about a young man, Chris, whose parents were brutally killed 11 years ago, on the same day that tHaley’s Comet could be seen from earth.  Tonight, a new comet is going to appear and everyone in his building are getting ready for a party to celebrate the event. There’s even an apocalypse theory going around. As the night falls, Chris starts to discover that people are acting strange – and it seems to somehow be connected to the comet. People are becoming disoriented and violent and it doesn’t take long before they start mutating into something from beyond this world. In a fight for survival, Chris has to try to escape from his building with the help from some other tenants – but will they make it out alive?