Warning this is kinda gory so view at your own risk.

Capcom has spearheaded a Japanese Dead Rising movie all on its own. That’s right, a live-action “adaptation” of the popular video game that follows photographer Frank West in a zombie apocalypse.

Here’s the problem though… There is no Frank West in this movie. There’s no photography instead they are claiming there will be “First Person Shooting,” whatever that means because there was none of that in the game. It’s set in Japan and it’s about two brothers dealing with some other less than reputable survivors.
So really this Ultra Low Budget Turd of a movie has only the Title in common with “Dead Rising.”

I usually enjoy bad movies, but this one looks like it falls below my already low low standards. So unless somebody strappes me down (kinda hot) and forces me to watch this movie, I’m going to pass.