Well this is awesome, Capcom, those lovable scamps who keep bringing delightful zombie game after zombie game are releasing a new “Dead Rising 2” this one will ask the question “What would Dead Rising 2 have been like with Frank West instead of Chuck Green.”

However it’s not a direct retelling of “Dead Rising 2” it supposedly has a different story, tougher zombie bosses and Chuck green, the main character from the first “Dead Rising 2” gets to be your partner. Frank West also brings his camera back to the game.

Now here’s the crappy part. It’s a full disk release and they want 60 smackers for it…… hmmmm Is this going to be a new enough game to justify the cost? Maybe if you haven’t played the first version of “Dead Rising 2” otherwise seams like a bit of repackaging. To be honest I’m on the fence on this one. I need to know more.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is due out later this fall.

Watching this trailer… am I the only one who thinks Frank got a little bit chunky and wrinkly?