Dead Rising 2 News and Information
At Capcom’s recent press event more details were released about Dead Rising 2.

The zombie killing game is still on track for an August 31 launch. (Awesome) The sequel is the follow-up to 2006’s Dead Rising, about a photojournalist holed up in a shopping mall surrounded by the flesh-eating undead, it now takes place in the Las Vegas-esque Fortune City and stars Chuck Greene, an ex-motocross star who must fend for his life.

Dead Rising 2 is supposed to be much larger than the original:

“The game is just huge,” says Josh Bridge, senior producer at Vancouver’s Blue Castle Games, whose team of 100+ developers are working with Capcom Japan’s Keiji Inafune on what will likely be the publisher’s biggest title of 2010.

“Dead Rising 2 is much bigger than the last game and it’s a lot more dense, too, so you can’t go a couple of feet without something to interact with, be it a zombie, weapon, clothing, minigames or something else in the environment,” Bridge says.

Part of the fun of the original Dead Rising was the ways to kill the zombies, Dead Rising 2 takes this up a notch with more weapons as well as “Weapon combos” and the ability to manufacture new and inventive ways to kill the undead.

weapons like a giant foam finger, construction helmet, wheelchair or stuffed animal, you can fuse two items together to create even more bizarre weapons. How about a vacuum cleaner and saw blades that suck zombies in and chops them to pieces, or an animatronic bear and submachine gun to create a robotic sentry that shoots down approaching zombies. While less creative, another combo might be a baseball bat with nails to create a deadly melee weapon for plenty of carnage.

The new feature I’m most excited about… Co-op. What’s more fun than killing zombies, killing zombies with your buddy.

To play co-op, gamers will go to the co-op menu and see who is online or invite a buddy to play. One player hosts the game and the other is the guest. It’s possible to make combo weapons together, fight against zombies at the same time and even strategize. In one demo at the press event, we saw one Chuck provide cover for the other while the first played a giant video poker casino game to raise money.

I’m really looking forward to this game.