“Dead Rising 2: CASE ZERO is an exclusive Xbox LIVE Arcade game that will act as a prequel to events of Dead Rising 2. The game’s story is set two years after the Willamette incident chronicled in the original Dead Rising and three years before the action of Dead Rising 2.”

Game follows the protagonist Chuck Green as a desperate father trying to find more “Zombrex,” a drug to prevent zombification, for his infected little girl. Chuck’s going to have to fight zombies and avoid the military to save his daughter.

Wow, I may actually have a hard time playing this as I have a five year old and I can’t help but project myself into the stories of the games I play. So If you see me, and it looks like I’ve been crying (In a manly way of course)… Do me a favor and remind me it’s just a game and that my daughter is fine.

I’d appreciate it.