I found this little gem today and as you are all aware I loves me some zombie shooting.  This is gameplay footage of the upcoming “Dead Meets Lead” created by Keldyn Interactive.


You take on the role of the captain and his mission to obliterate the scourge from the islands. Armed with his Spada de lato side-sword, a custom made Halsteiger blunderbuss pistol and an old Bible, you take on several missions on the Islands. Before long you will experience the extent of the plague, how not only humans are affected but animals and other living entities, all turning into dominions of the dark lords. Perhaps you will even venture deep enough into the island to find the restless spirits that has caused this plague themselves, only the brave can tell. But you must hurry, almost all of the villages have been overtaken and only a few can still call themselves human habitats.  Dead Meets Lead is a fast paced, zombie-slaying, action PC game set to be released in 2011.

I’m always a big fan of mixing up the Zombie Genre so having a Sea Captain battling zombies seams like a win idea to me.  I’m also glad that these aren’t viral zombies but are ether voodoo or witchcraft zombies.  That’s a plus.

We love zombies and the Caribbean at the 18th century is a fascinating place and time. Putting them together seemed like a good idea, and as far as we know no one has made an action game in this setting before.

Now granted this is a small clip from the game, but where the hell are “The Captain’s” crew? If I were that dude I would be pissed. Lazy Jerks, letting their commanding officer destroy the zombie horde all by himself.  I would fire the lot of them… out of a cannon.

Speaking of which, if this game lets you fire cannons at zombies I will be happy.