Dead Island Art

So remember that really sad (And apparently controvercial) trailer for “Dead Island?” You know the one… It’s the one where the kid becomes a zombie and made me cry like a little girl. (A manly little girl for the record)

Well a friend of mine sent me a link that had some actual screen shots of the game in it. Thank Cthulhu that they don’t seem to be centered on reminding me that bad things happen to people I care about.

I prefer to remain in my apathetic and somewhat callous state. (Like a Vulcan, but I prefer to have sex more than once every seven years…. did I just write that? I am such a nerd.)

My tender little man feelings aside, I retain some optimism that this will be a fun game provided there are no zombies that look disturbingly like my daughter.

I don’t think I could shoot a zombie kid… That’s a weakness that’ll get me killed I know. Now if you’re past puberty, well lets just say your career as a zombie will be short and painful if I have anything to say about it.

Dead Island screenshot

Dead Island Screenshot2

Dead Island Screenshot3