Technical issues, family stuff, and freelance conspired against me over the weekend to keep me from getting the comic finished in a timely manor. I truly hate it when that happens. So I apologize, but I’m going to push the comic over to Wednesday. I know, I suck.

However, I don’t want to neglect my duties to entertain you all though so I give you this. This movie looks like it has tremendous promise. Purists may say that they are demonically possessed. I say that’s merely the possessed zombies type.

Just my opinion. Discuss…


At Fan Expo in Toronto this past weekend, there was a big promotional floor piece for Dead Before Dawn, a new 3D zombie/demon comedy starring Christopher Lloyd, Devon Bostick (Survival of the Dead), and director April Mullen.

Clearly inspired by The Evil Dead, the monsters in Dead Before Dawn aren’t exactly zombies. They aren’t exactly demons. They’re being billed as ZEMONS. Whatever they’re called, they sure make for some hot cheerleaders.


DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D – “Official Trailer” from Wango Films on Vimeo.

A bunch of college kids accidentally unleash an evil curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into Zombie Demons, aka ZEMONS! 

Dead Before Dawn looks really fun. Stay tuned to The Zed Word for more news!