Dawn of the dead board game

Needs more blood.

I need this, “Dawn of the Dead” the board game.  That is awesome!

I played the “Zombies” game from Twilight creations with my kids (Because that’s good parenting) and had a blast.  Now I can share again the horrific horrifying horror of the coming zombpocalypse… at the mall.

I wonder if this game follows the movie too closely, maybe have a “Making stupid decisions that get everyone killed” rule.  Then it would be hilarious.

Dawn of the Dead (based on the classic 1978 horror film) can be played as a two-player game (humans vs. zombies), as a solitaire game, or as a cooperative game with two to four players controlling the human heroes. The game map represents the shopping mall from the movie. Cardboard counters signify the human characters and zombies. To win, the zombie player must kill any three characters; the human player must secure the mall by closing all four entrances and eliminating all zombies within.

Dawn of the dead board game

Who to devour first.... Decisions, decisions.

Dawn of the dead board game

They need to make some miniatures for this.

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