Dancing zombies just does my cold dead heart a lot of good. I thought this was a cute video and I love it when people don’t take themselves too seriously. The nice uptempo song merged with a hungry horde of dancing zombies makes for a pretty amusing and memorable music video.

The music is very nice and the band looks suitably zombie like. And obviously I’m a huge fan of the idea here that zombies aren’t just relentless eating machines and that they may just want to hang out, listen to some nice music, and do a little dancing. I approve of this music video.

“Only One is one of those ‘turn around” songs. The idea of a Zombie love story came to me a while ago. I wanted the song and video almost to be juxtaposed but still somehow have an element of love….and humour. I think we made a seriously cool and funny video. I love it. Even if I do look dead!” ~JOHN BUTLER

Taken from JBT’s new album Flesh And Blood ( out Feb 2014)

I’ve got to get back into the habit of posting more than just my comic on the blog. It’s just been a super busy time this last year. That’s a lousy excuse I know so I just repent my evil ways and start off with dancing zombies.

Because there is no reason being a zombie has to suck.