More Daily Zombie Drawings from yours truly.  These three zombie drawings are again part of my project to start each day with a warm up drawing for the comic strip.

The stack of zombie drawings I’ve got on hand is starting to actually add up to something.  I’ve thought about what to do with them, I think I’ll take these to cons with me and see if there’s any interest in purchasing them at my table.  I’ve seen other artists doing things like that so that makes me feel slightly less mercenary about that

These are again done using prismacolor pencils on toned paper.  I got myself a new white marker from the craft store that puts down a flood of white.  I’d be happy about that except the solvent for the color gives me a bit of a headache.

Zombie Drawings - Pretty girl zombie drawing

Periodically I like to draw an attractive zombie.  That generally means zombie cleavage, which of course I’m a huge fan of.  Sure I take a certain amount of heat from friends and family for drawing zombies this way, but come on!… If Stephanie Myer can write about vampires that glitter in the sun instead of frying like a marshmallow I should be able to draw zombies that are kinda hot.

Zombie drawings - Zombie Self Portrait

This is a self portrait of me as a zombie.  Note the extremely happy face.  That’s because being a zombie is possibly going to be awesome!  I like to think positive.  Most people focus on surviving the zombie apocalypse.  I don’t really understand that.  Chances are you’re gonna die.  Lets focus on your new life as one of the relentless dead forever hungering for the flesh of the living.  Sound good!  I thought so.

Zombie Drawings - Daily Zombie Drawing

This is a fun old man zombie I drew and for no reason at all I stuck mushrooms growing out of his head.  It’s that little bit of disgusting attention to detail that makes a good zombie drawing.  Just my opinion though.