More daily zombie drawing or more to the point semi-daily drawings. I need to get back to these. I do these zombie drawings on toned paper with black prisma color pencils and white ink. There fun and I’ve gotten pretty dang fast at them.  I do these at conventions now and end up doing so many zombie drawings that by the end of the con my arm is killing me.  I take that as a good sign.  Also a sign that I should work out more… or possibly at all.

Daily Zombie drawing

I drew this zombie drawing while waiting at Night Flight Comics.  I looked out the window and couldn’t help but notice this lady walking by.   She would probably punch me if she knew I drew her as a horrible undead monster.  Thankfully she doesn’t know where I live.

Daily Zombie Drawing 2

This daily zombie drawing is totally a self portrait.  Notice my rugged and manly physique and my devilish good looks.  Even my conversion to zombiism cannot hide that I am a truly good look’n man.  You see I have no intention of just becoming a simple run of the mill zombie during the zombpocalypse… oh no.  I plan on being and epic zombie boss who crushes mere mortals with a single swipe of my meaty decaying hands.

That’s why I’m taking steroids.
(This is what I tell myself so that I don’t curl up in the fetal position again weeping silently to myself…. Thank you for not pointing out I’m full of crap)

I’ll be posting more of these up on my facebook fan page. Feel free to like The Zombie Nation’s page and you may win a creepy backrub from me. (Warning: This offer will not be honored unless you are Elvira Mistress of the Dark or Milla Jovovich)