My Daily Zombie Drawing project continues.  I’ve been drawing these zombies and posting them up on Twitter and Facebook.  If you’d like to keep seeing them feel free to subscribe to me.

My goal for these drawings is speed, If I’m going to get this zombie comic up to five updates a week I’ve got to draw faster… Much faster.  So none of these drawings are allowed to be over ten minutes long.  It’s good practice for cons as well.  When I went to Horrorcon I ended up drawing from the moment I got there to the moment I went to sleep that night.  That’s awesome, but I’m hoping for the next convention to be able to draw fast enough that I’ll be able to lift my head up occasionally.

These zombie drawings are done on toned paper with Prismacolor pencil and highlighted with a white marker and a white gel pen.  Since for the most part the comic is pretty silly it’s nice to draw something with teeth (That’s a pun kids).

Also on a side note, if you subscribe to me on Facebook and Twitter I promise to give you a semi-creepy backrub (Note: Promise will not be honored).

Daily Zombie Drawing: Zombie Babe

Daily Zombie Drawing: The creepy zombie

Daily Zombie Drawing: Gross zombie