The daily zombie drawing is up for your enjoyment/grossness.  Again I drew this zombie on toned paper using a black prismacolor pencil and a white marker for the highlights.  Also this particular zombie is a self-portrait.

I drew this zombie while staring into a mirror and making funny faces all to the amused giggling of my tiny redheaded daughter.

Daily Zombie Drawing

For some reason when I’m drawing myself as a zombie without a face that doesn’t traumatize my kids.  I choose to believe that’s because I’ve raised them right and I’m slowly desensitizing them to the horrors of the coming zombie apocalypse.

This will come in handy as when your family is frozen in terror as the zombie approach you and take you down, my kids will be beating them over the head with a shovel and then we’ll be going on a picnic.

That’s how we roll.