More custom zombie sketch portraits done this week.  I drew these for some super awesome people who had a burning need to see what they would look like as a zombie.  And don’t we all?  Special thanks to them for letting me post about their portraits.

If you would like to see what you would look like as a zombie you can check out my store and I’ll happily sketch you as a zombie as well.

Custom Zombie Sketch Portrait 1Custom Zombie Sketch Portrait 2Custom Zombie Sketch Portrait 3Custom Zombie Sketch Portrait 4Custom Zombie Sketch Portrait 5










About the Custom zombie sketch portraits

I love making drawing these.  Each custom zombie sketch comes on toned paper and is created with a variety of primacolor pencils and markers.  Each one is of course hand done, and completely original.  You can specify just how much you want to be zombified.  Most people tend to want to be recognizable, however.  Weird I know.

I really need to set up a camera or something and start filming me doing these.  Whenever I am making these at a convention they tend to draw a lot of people interested in watching how I draw them.  Being able to draw and post up some tutorials on youtube would pretty nice.

I’ll do a self portrait soon and see if I can get it up for you all to see.  You may have to put up with seeing me get even more gross and disgusting than I already am, but sadly that’s the price you pay.

If you are interested in getting one yourself just click the link above for the store or click here to take you directly to the item you can purchase.