Custom zombie portraits.  Now you can see what you look like as a zombie… It’s going to happen, you might as well be prepared for it.

These are the same black and white portraits on toned paper that I do for people at conventions.  Yes you can now have one of your very own!!! Hazzah!

I just got done doing a couple of events this weekend and ended up doing so many  custom zombie portraits that my arm practically broke off.  That’s alright.  I really enjoy doing them and I get a kick out of people’s reactions when they see them.

Ordering a custom zombie portraits

It’s pretty simple really.

  1. Order a print off this store
  2. I contact you through e-mail to get a picture of you.
  3. I draw you any way you’d like and send you the print.

Awesome! You now have original custom art to horrify your friends and family. (Secretly they will be filled with envy… envy I say)

Imagine what your mother-in-law will say when she visits your humble abode only to be greeted by happy portraits of your decaying family.  With any luck she will be so horrified by your custom zombie art that she’ll just get back on her broomstick and fly back home.  Your weekend will be saved…. and you’re welcome.

Custom Zombie Drawing1

This zombie portrait  is a friend of mine who let me draw her for one of my warm up drawings.  She was particularly pleased by the zombie cleavage.  I imagine her boyfriend is as well.

Custom Zombie Portraits

This particular zombie drawing is a self portrait by the way.  I know I know, I am a handsome man.   But again sorry ladies… and some of you dudes, but I am a happily married man and our love can never be.  I know I feel your pain.


Click here for your very own custom zombie portrait.