The Cthulhu Idol project begins again.  Sorry it’s been a while, but I’m back and ready to make weird crap.  Weird Cthulhu crap…. I wonder if Cthulhu actually craps.  This thought is driving me insane.  Oh well.

This is really the first in my step by step process I’m going through to make a Cthulhu Idol.  I’ll be making it not only because I want one, but I’ll be casting it in resin and offering it on my store.  Provided of course that it doesn’t suck.  We’ll have to see.

I’m choosing to sculpt my Cthulhu Idol out of Kato polyclay.  I like it, because it’s very firm and once baked it’s very hard.  Perfect for creating a master sculpt that will have to go through the stress of mold making.

Cthulhu Idol Sculpt step 1

I had a brick of translucent clay handy so I added a bit of white and black sculpey to it to make a delightful shade of Eldritch gray.  Then I pounded on the clay with a mallet till it was thoroughly mixed.


The start of our Cthulhu Idol Project. Mixing the clay


Cthulhu Idol Sculpt step 2

Clay is expensive and aluminum foil is cheap.  So since I’m starting on the base first of my idol I pound a bunch of shiny aluminiuimuim into a cube.  This saves on Kato polyclay which is about nine bucks a brick.  It’s also important for when you cure the clay in the oven.  Clay that’s too thick tends to crack when baking.

I’ll be covering the aluminum cube in about a quarter inch of clay and carefully comparing it to my scaled drawing of my Cthulhu Idol I worked on earlier.


Aluminum foil used for the base of our Cthulhu Idol


Cthulhu Idol Sculpt step 3

In this step I have finally coated my cube with clay.  I sharpened up the corners of the sculpt with my fingers, made it as smooth as I could, and baked it in my oven.

Kato Polyclay is baked at 300 degrees for 15-30 minutes to cure.  It’s better to over cure the clay if you have to so I didn’t really worry about leaving it in the oven too long.  It darkened the clay somewhat, but since this will be used to make a mold it doesn’t matter.

Note: It’s okay to keep the clay in the oven longer than recommended, but it’s not okay to have the temperature too high.  Or so I’ve been told.  Actually I have no idea what happens if you do that, but that’s what the package says.

I imagine if you disobey the rules there will be dire consequences to the state of your immortal soul, possibly leaving you vulnerable to possession by entities mankind was never meant to know let alone withstand.  But that’s just speculation on my part.


The base of the Cthulhu Idol covered in first layer of clay.


The next installment of my quest to make a Cthulhu Idol, which I think we can all agree has become a gripping drama full of likable characters and mirth, will be coming out soon.

I’ve got to sand this thing and add some hieroglyphics and sculpt’n to the sides.