Your zombie ex-wife

Well not specifically your ex-wife. Just a practice drawing of Sheila, That would be Lovecraft’s zombie e-wife.

She looks a tad bit less crazy, but don’t let that fool you. I assure you that axe is not for show.

Now an ex is bad and we all have them…. Unless you live alone in your mom’s basement and collect pictures of rare cakes… I’m not here to judge you.

Now a stalker ex with an axe to grind (Pun intended) is a scary thing. My ex would probably happily see me lightly lacerated and dipped head first into a vat of lemon juice. Now you want to make that extra scary? Turn your stalker ex into the living dead. Unable to feel pain, blessed with unlimited endurance, and driven by a relentless hunger. Yeah you would be screwed. A zombie ex is the worst type of monster anyone could ever face.