Aaaw, isn't he the cutest little horror you've ever seen?

Honestly I have no idea if I posted this before. I tried searching…. but….but… I post a lot.

So if I posted this sexy ghoul beasty man before, forgive me. I liked the drawing and wanted to share.

(Shhhhhh, it’s a self portrait. Sorry Ladies, and some of you men, I know I’m crazy sexy in this picture, but I’m married and our love can never be. I know, it saddens me too.)

Before I settled on zombies, I came pretty dang close to making this webcomic about H.P. Lovecraft. This guy was going to be one of the bad guys. In the end I decided I could maintain a silly webcomic much longer than a serious one.

You may not have noticed, I’m kind of a silly person.