Zombie Self Portrait

It's true... I'm bringing the sexy back

Since I can’t seem to sleep tonight I drew this cuddly little zombie self portrait for you.  I know I know.  I am one damned sexy piece of man meat.  IT’S TRUE!

Sorry though ladies… and some of you men out there, but I’m taken.

However, if it makes you feel better I am probably stalking you right this very minute. It’s just something I do, like collecting stamps or competitive nose hair trimming.  Go ahead and look out your window and see.  I’ll wait.

You back?  Good!

Did you notice that weird naked guy in the bushes with the high powered binoculars…. yeah, the one with the gloriously excessive amount of back hair?  I’m right next to that guy!

You have a lot of stalkers out here, there’s like twelve dudes out here with me… We’re forming a club.