Cooties Trailer!  Finally a movie that combines my love of killing zombies with my love of beating the ever loving crap out of children!  Success!  Spike the football, we have officially won movies.

Okay in all seriousness I really want to watch this movie as it does what in my opinion zombie movies are best at.  Dark humor with a bit of catharsis as the main characters pummel people you aren’t allowed to pummel in real life.  The cooties trailer seems to deliver that in spades.

Cooties Trailer

A mysterious virus hits an isolated elementary school, transforming the kids into a feral swarm of mass savages. An unlikely hero must lead a motley band of teachers in the fight of their lives.

I love zombie movies like this.  The Cooties Trailer isn’t taking itself too seriously.  It’s a dark comedy with a better budget than your average zombie movie.  Cooties stars Elija Wood, Rainn Wilson, and Alison Pill.  And will be hitting theaters September 18th.