I don't know what it is but I want one.

Hey you know that super awesome short “The Gift” I posted yesterday, then childishly moaned that they should make a movie about it? Well here’s the irony of that. They don’t need to make a movie based on “The Gift”, because that short is ACTUALLY based on a already existing project called “Small.”

How awesome is that? (Above and below is some of the concept art for this project)
You can get one of these suits at the Sharper Image BTW.I really want a snowsuit…. mech… thingy. I live in Utah. When it gets snowy here I would climb inside it and destroy all of the stupid people who every year forget how to drive on snowy roads. Quit trying to kill me, jerk in the SUV traveling 90mph on an icy freeway!

Source: Slashfilm.com

Rinsch has a completed story which takes off from the starting point of the short film. Some people didn’t like the ending of the short… this is why, it was planned as a prequel to a feature film.

I have also learned that Rinsch has met with various nobel prize winning scientists and theorists in designing a world and a narrative that could be scientifically plausible. He’s pretty hardcore about creating a world that could actually exist, ala 2001. I’ve heard that in the past, Rinsch has joked that the project is a mix between 2001, Bladerunner and Doctor Zhivago with a bit of Bourne-style action. Sounds pretty awesome and absurd at the same time (but I think that is the intent).

I’m pretty excited to see where this project goes, but just one more thing…. When can I have a Robot Butler as badassed as the one shown in the clip. Come on science guys make it happen!

Want want want want!!!