Even after the zombpocalypse your still going to have to carry auto insurance….. It’s the law.

Do zombies even drive? I know I will, and after I become a smelly (or smellier) rotting corpse, eternally hungering for the flesh of the living, I sure as crap am not going to go wandering slowly around. I’m going to find me the biggest most “Red Neckiest” land behemoth and start smashing things. I suppose I will need even more auto insurance at that point as, trust me, I intend to run over a lot of people when I’m a zombie…. just for “funzies.”

It’s just not an apocalypse without random mayhem.

By the way. That is a self portrait,…. but don’t get excited ladies (and some of you more effeminate men) I’m happily married.

Man, I am one SEXY zombie!!! I love me!!! (Sounds of me patting ME on the back)