Zombie Relationships are probably my favorite subject.

For years and years vampires (zombies less smelly cousins) have been having no problems getting girlfriends by the bucket load to fall in love with them.  Meanwhile the humble zombie has a hard time just getting a date.  This is patently unfair, and also painfully similar to my highschool dating career.

It’s just my opinion that zombie relationships have a lot to offer.  For one thing having a zombie boyfriend or girlfriend is great because you can be sure that they will love you for your brains as well as your body.  Little known fact zombies are incredibly loyal.  Most importantly and never to be underestimated, zombie are relentless.

That means that they have incredible stamina, and if you don’t think that that’s important then you sir, are a damned liar!

Recently I’ve been commissioned to do several portraits of couples as zombies, this gives me great hope that people are becoming more accepting of zombie relationships in general and are also bowing to the inevitability of the coming zombie apocalypse as well.

It’s one of those, if you can’t beat them (and you can’t) then you join them things.

Zombie ex-wife The tragic result of failed zombie relationships


Incidently since I have Lovecraft’s zombie ex-wife more in the strip how is everyone liking her redesign?  Above you can see and earlier version of how I used to draw her.

I think I need to practice drawing her facial expressions more, when I draw women I tend to draw the faces too stiffly.  I should do a character expression sheet for each of my comic characters as well as some turn around illustrations so I know what they look like from all angles.

Check back in the future for more on zombie relationships as well as hopefully better drawn characters.