It’s true, sure the man was rather fond of his hunger strikes to protest the British rule of his country, but he would change his ways if you offered him your succulent brains.

That’s a weird subject by the way, Hunger Strikes. How does that work?

You there! Yes, you. I have a bone to pick with you, so to speak. I disagree with you and mock your value system. Ha ha! Now that I have your attention I will refuse to eat this delicious donut in order to protest whatever it is you are doing to me.

Do you feel guilty yet? I’m getting really hungry. I won’t lie, I have hypoglycemia and that donut is looking very taisty. Ready to give into my demands yet? No?


I hate hunger strikes. Why didn’t I sign up for the “Fat guy eats too many chocolate cakes” strike.

That’s pretty much how hunger strikes work according to my imagination. I make you feel guilty and you do what I want…. Good luck with that.