Lets face it, when the zombpocalypse comes, and make no mistake it’s coming, some of the victims will be, shall we say, “surgically enhanced.” Especially if the zombpocalypse starts in Hollywood.

That poses some problems to some of the survivors who like myself are probably repressed nerds. How can we as red blooded American Males, when faced with the dilemma of zombie cleavage, be expected to shoot zombies who are too stinking attractive? I ask you… how?

Wait…. why are you all looking at me that way? Son of a… are you judging me!? I’m talking about Zombie Cleavage here people!

Damn it! I try to have a legitimate conversation and I get labeled as a perv…… AGAIN.

Anyway, I drew this down at my in-laws, because I apparently just don’t feel awkward enough down there, I have to make it worse by drawing busty zombies…. Once again it is not a surprise that they think I’m a weirdo.
Oh well not the first time, certainly won’t be the last.

I threw this onto my scanner and started to paint it up. Really liked the results so I decided to share.