Zombie Boyfriends are bad for you ladies and will sadly not make you happy. Zombies smell bad, they aren’t very good at conversation, and they are terribly inconsiderate of others feelings. They do have one thing going for them and one thing only. Endurance. Crazy crazy amounts of endurance.

So take that all you glittery vampires, sure you smell nice, you look good, and you have eternal life and what not (Why must Edward be sooooo dreamy)….. But zombies have you beat when it comes to things that really matter. And don’t lie and say that’s not important.


It is 3:00 a.m. right now and I’m about to post the comic after getting back from Vegas. This is the point where someone should really be standing behind me saying “Don’t post that you idiot!”

But there’s no one there. (Except for ghosts) so this post is going up unedited with every weird idea that goes through my sleep deprived brain untouched.

Oh well.