Where zombie bosses come from is a mystery rarely explained in most game and movies these days.  Usually starting out as your common run of the mill zombie something sets them apart for greatness and soon their tongue starts to lengthen or perhaps they grow to prodigious size and ferocity.  One thing is for certain, we need them.

You can only mow down legion after legion of common zombie cattle fodder for so long before you get bored.  Video game logic needs… No it demands that there must be a greater challenge to be overcome in order to make your apocalypse experience greatness.  Enter the zombie bosses.  He’s there to ratchet up the tension after the players have sated their blood lust on the minor zombie hordes.

Logically you may say why would there be zombie bosses?  That makes no sense.  Why would people be turned into zombies, but then a select few, marked for greatness are allowed to become boss zombies.

That’s when I say to you, “Look pal you are willing to accept the dead rising from their graves to attack the living, but you can’t handle some of them changing into something a little tougher…..  Really? This is where your suspension of disbelief craps out on you?  Not with the first zombie?  Stop being so damned picky.”


Do any of you remember when Carrot Top didn’t look like a giant bee stung Chucky Doll?  No?   Just me… alrighty then.

In addition I’m not sure why the doctor has a poster hanging up of Carrot Top, but I’m sure it’s something sinister.