Zoë Washburne zombified continues my “Firefly Undead Project.  You can see previous cast members of Firefly zombified here.

As we all know space is a very dangerous place, bound to get you killed at a moments notice.  Even the lovely Zoë Washburne, played by Gina Torres would not be immune to a painful and inevitable death in space.  And that’s where Zoë Washburne zombified comes into action.

Thankfully we were able to revive Zoë and now instead of a very attractive living person, she’s a very attractive undead person.

Seriously I always thought Gina Torres was an amazingly pretty human being.  Well above the statistical norm for good looking humans.  I just checked out my own slightly rotund image in the mirror… I’m not sure we’re even the same species.

Here’s my reference shot to see how well I captured her likeness.

Zoë Washburne, played by Gina Torres

Zoë Washburne, played by Gina Torres