Awesome! I’m back from my harrowing adventure to the great blasted wasteland where the living envy the dead that is Arizona.

Did you know that no one is allowed to have a basement in Arizona as it sits three feet above hell and the governor is worried that the citizens will break through Satan’s prison thereby releasing an army of the damned? It’s TRUE!… Also I may be drunk.

Much Turkey was consumed, memories were made, and soon my bloody bloody wounds shall turn into delightful scars… Scars that I will lie to my children about and tell them I got them in a ridiculously manly ways and not because I was stabbed by my elderly grandmother. (Children, daddy wrestles polar bears, so that I can eat their hearts and gain their strength.)

I pray my daughter never joins PETA or she’ll never find Daddy’s jokes funny again.

Also I drew a bunch of zombies while I was gone and made a bit of a buffer, so hopefully I won’t have as many problems updating the webcomic for quite a while… I hope.

This is one I did of my future zombie girlfriend…. why I am fascinated by zombie dating and zombie relationships I have no Idea. And if you’re a shrink and have a theory… shut up and don’t you judge me.

Don’t you judge me! (This is where I collapse into the fetal position and start crying… again.)