World Horrorcon 2012 is now over, and I am sad. I had an awesome time. Sure my voice is broken, my head is pounding, and I feel like a truck ran over and then had it’s way with me, but I wish it had never ended.

I got to meet so many cool people. You would not believe the amount of aspiring writers who came to this convention. My wife is now obligated to write reviews of several writer’s novels for the site or those same writers have sworn a blood oath to track us both down and bath in our steamy blood… or they might just be upset… one of those two options.

Regardless we’ll be having some book reviews on the site soon as I’m not sure which option they’ll choose. That makes me afraid.

My prize that I’m taking away from Horrorcon is this awesome sketch and autograph done for me by Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy. He sat across the hall from my wife and I and I got to listen to a tonne of amazing stories about behind the scenes stuff in Hollywood and Comics. Mike Mignola was really cool, I was almost too intimidated to come up to him and ask him for an autograph, but I’m glad I did.

I even managed not to embarrass myself or say anything dramatically weird or insane for our entire conversation.  That’s a new personal best for me.

Mike Mignola autograph and Hellboy Sketch from Horrorcon
This Hellboy sketch and autograph by Mike Mignola is going in a frame and going in my office for sure.  Officially one of my most prized possessions.