First day of World Horrorcon is over, and I am tired.  Barely managed to get this sketch comic up tonight.

We got there at the convention at 10:30 and we were one of the first people to have our booths set up.  We are just outside the dealer’s room in the hallway here.

I don’t think I could have got a better spot if I’d have tried.  Tonight we were able to stay a few hours after the dealer’s room closed and got a few more sales as a result, not too bad.  We’ve managed to make our costs back already so I’m mildly optimistic that the next three days of the con will go even better.


Horrorcon Dealers Booth

Here’s the closest I’ve gotten to the actual dealer’s room here at Horrorcon, I’ve simply been too busy to browse around the tables of my fellow dealers.

One thing keeping me busy is that I was on a panel about “Why a vampire is not your boyfriend”  hell of a lot of fun, but I can’t remember a dang thing I said.  Very likely I said several truly offensive things and made a fool of myself.  I’m like that.  With any luck however I was able to string two coherent thoughts together and people enjoyed it.  Honestly I can’t remember.

Horrorcon Dealer's Room

Check out my shiny shiny dealer’s badge.  That’s not a reflection of the flash you are seeing in this picture, it’s a reflection of my awesomeness.  I am literally glowing at this point with angelic light (This is possibly a lie on my part).

I was also on a podcast  with the Residual Hauntings crew which was a lot of fun.  Again, I blathered on about something, but I get nervous during things like this and promptly forget anything that I said.  Again it’s highly likely that I made a fool of myself again.

Luckily I was born without shame, and I don’t have a problem with this.

Horrorcon Dealer's Badge