When all hope is lost and your being dragged down to your inevitable sticky end what will be your greatest regret?

If Jar Jar Binks doesn’t have something to do with it then I submit to you that there is no meaning to life what-so-ever. I hate that Rastafarian Giant Alien Platypus/Salamander… thing. You know I should zombify Jar Jar Binks, I think I would find that very cathartic.

Here’s a thought.  With so much of tax payer’s money being wasted on fifty dollar hammers and what not, can’t we get together as a society and do something that matters, can’t we purchase the rights to make Star Wars movies from George Lucas… by force if necessary and start making new Star Wars movies directed by someone who actually understands why Star Wars was cool in the first place.

My son loves “The Clone Wars” and no matter how many time I patiently explain to him that Annikin Skywalker is a whiny confused youngling killer he still likes the guy.  I almost had to disown him because of it.

You know you try to raise your kids right…. What’s a parent to do?

Any day now we’ll have the argument of who’s better Picard or Kirk.  Then there’s going to be blood.