Awwww Cthulhu is so adorably evil. I just want to give him a big hug… Then probably go insane. It’s nice to see him run amok finally through the comic.

I went to a SciFi convention in Utah this year called “Conduit” it was my first time (Yes they were gentle) and it was a blast. Met some really cool people, hugged a furry (I pretended it wasn’t a dude) and was amazed at some of the Cthulhu products out their.

They had Key Chains of Cthulhu. They had knitted versions of Cthulhu, toys, etc… Anything you could want Cthulhuized!

The place was overflowing with cute and adorable Cthulhus… Cthulhu’s…. Cthulii. What the hell is the plural for Cthulhu anyway?

I wonder what H.P. Lovecraft would have thought about how his creation has integrated it’s way into today’s nerd culture.