And you thought the Twilight Moms were creepy. I bring you the Twilight Dads! Be afraid, be very afraid.

Edward Cullens better start running right now because the “Twilight Dads” are coming… And they likes it when you sparkle…. Ooh baby they likes it a lot.

Twilight moms are Creepy

Here’s a picture of the Twilight Mom’s in case that rock you live under doesn’t have access to the intertubes and you haven’t seen these creepy women.

I love drawing this webcomic. But if you were to read “The Zombie Nation” you would probably get from this comic that I don’t like “Twilight.”

Well, yeah, pretty much. But come on! How can you not be creeped out by these women who want to jump Edward Cullens?

The only thing creepier… The “Twilight Dads”.