Undead aggression runs rampant when undead brother fights undead brother over cleavage. You would do it too, don’t you lie.

Sheila the zombie femme fetale is once again causing problems for the boys.  I’m still working on writing her personality.  I can’t base her character on my own ex-wife (Sheila’s just not THAT evil).  That would be inappropriate for a number of reasons.  Mainly that I like the character more than my ex and she’s more impressively built.

Still having a crazy zombie ex is a great way to write some healthy undead aggression into the strip.

Below is one of the more refined ideas I had for Sheila’s redesign of her character.  It was almost write, but she looks to bitter and jaded.  I prefer the way I’ve drawn her face now.  Kind of innocent looking and a little sweet… That makes the transition to a raging psychopath more entertaining.


Zombie Ex Wife spreads her undead aggression