The ultimate nightmare scenario always involves Japanese school girls and their arch nemesis… The tentacle.

These two apex predators are natural enemies and have been competing with each other for prey and territory for millions of years all along the vast tundras of Japan.  Having no other natural enemies they do battle against each other, with no quarter asked for and none given.  It’s all totally true, I read it online.

Why would the internet lie to me?

By the way while I was doing this comic I had the super fun experience of trying to explain hentai to my 60+ year old mother.  JOY!  I’ve had some awkward conversations before…..

  • Mom:  Soooo, what’s…. Hentai?
  • Me:  Oh hell.  It’s ummmm animation….. from Japan… where people are…..  (Pause to look for escape)  And there are nekk’d people…… and sometimes… tentacles (Kill me)….  And they sometimes express the tender act of love.
  • Mom:  I see… and how do you know about this.  (Her judging eyes are upon me)
  • Me:  I… I…. heard it from a friend?
  • Mom: Did you?
  • Me:  Sure, why not.  (At this point it would comically appropriate for hentai comics to just explode out from my closet in a perverted wave)

This is one of the reasons I hate it when my family reads my comic.  It makes it hard to hide from them my evil degenerate side.  I have no idea why I find it okay to share this with everyone who reads my comic/blog though.  I never claimed I was a very smart man.