It’s been a while since I made fun of Twilight. Lets start with some Twilight Plot holes. I had the painful experience of having to watch that movie again. That’s right, I’ve seen it twice now, and it didn’t get any better the second time through.

There are so many Twilight Plot Holes in this movie I was losing what’s left of my mind.

In fact you start asking yourself why these characters make so many dumb choices. For instance, why are these glittery weirdos going to highschool in the first place. “They Say” they are going so they can appear younger and thus be able to stay in an area longer.

That’s pretty damned stupid. How about tell everyone your home schooled or better yet a drop out. Then you don’t have any homework at all. Or here’s a brilliant idea. DON’T TALK TO YOUR NEIGHBORS AT ALL!!! Ya blood sucking morons. None of them appear to enjoy it, in fact it’s an ordeal for them. So what the hell?

I’ve been in my neighborhood for seven years, I’ve never even seen the guy who lives across the street from me. For all I know he could be a vampire…. or he could be the damned Loch Ness Monster for all I know (That would be pretty awesome actually). And he’s across the street. You mean to tell me a bunch of vampires couldn’t keep a low profile when their house is out in the woods…. Really?

Other Twilight Plot Holes that drives me crazy. “HIGHSCHOOL FOREVER!” Experiences will vary, but high school for me was the single most horrible three years of my life. If I had to do that forever I would do something suitably entertaining to end my pain. It’s just my opinion that the only good thing about highschool is that it ends.

If if makes you feel better, I took notes much to my wife’s dismay and there will be future Twilight Plot Holes comics in the future.

Damn you Edward Cullen!!!