Yes, I take a very special joy in ruining things that other people enjoy…. Why? you may ask.

…Because I’m a terrible terrible person.

Besides, ladies (And some of you more effeminate men), don’t lie to yourselves and pretend you aren’t just a little bit tempted by Billy Bob the zombie. Sure you could be “Team Edward” and deal with his moody, emotionally abusive, pale vampire Keister. Or, you could be “Team Jacob” and then you get to deal with him smelling like wet dog, and holy crap the fleas would be terrible….

… Or!!! you can go with “Team Billy Bob” and know the true joy and satisfying relationship bliss one can have with the eternally hungry undead. To be forever damned to walk the blasted earth as a smelly zombie.

I’m getting a little bit teary eyed over the idea right now.