Another true tales of a cartoonist.  I was in a gas station getting a refill and this guy in front of me had the weirdest growth on the back of his neck.  I had the most incredible urge to just reach out and pluck it off.  Urges like this can only ever end badly.  It will end with me either humiliating my wife and family or even worse me ending up in prison being traded for a pack of menthol’s.

This will not do as I’m positive I would not do well in prison….. I’m what I generously like to call “Prison Pretty.”  What?  That’s a thing.  Don’t you judge me.

Some days I feel like I’m in a war with my own baser nature.  And other days I feel like I wallow in my baser nature and I’m actually in a war with my even more….. “Basier” nature.  Call it subbaser nature.  Neither of those are words, but they should be.