I woke up with a scratchy feeling in the back of my throat. This quickly evolved into a situation where I was cursing the very gods that created me and possibly changing my shorts…. possibly.

Is that sharing too much? Pfft I don’t care getting sick is the worst thing in the world. Agonizing pain and horrible fluids leaking out of every hole in your body. There is simply no dignity.

Getting sick is when you realize that the human body is nothing more than a horrifying repository of vile fluid and evil smells and it’s all covered with gross hair. The human body is disgusting.

I HATE GETTING SICK! Papa NURGLE, why have you betrayed me!!!

I look forward to the future when I can become a cyborg. I’ll simply replace the flesh, which is weak… with steal, which is strong. And life will be much much better after that.

Now I’m going to go back to sleep after cramming decongestants into my facehole.