True tales of a cartoonist… I’m pretty sure my daughter is trying to turn me into a “Brony.”  She’s seven and very excited about sharing “My Little Pony” with her daddy.   Because friendship is magical.

I’m doing my best to resist it, but I do like good flash animation so it’s hard.

Why ponies, damn it?!  Why couldn’t the creators of that show put their efforts into something a little more manly…. like… facial hair, monster trucks, or poor personal hygiene.  I’m sure they could have made a good kids show based on that.  Nope.  They made it about My Little Pony, and my daughter loves it.  And now I’m doomed and have to watch it with her… and it’s growing on me… like fungus.

I suddenly have this weird urge to over-compensate now.  Like maybe I should watch a tonne of NASCAR and drink heavily.  Except I don’t drink and watching people constantly driving left is utterly uninteresting to me.

There appears to be no hope I am doomed.