As I write this I’m sitting at my booth at Westercon talking to people…. and shaking hands.  OH THE HANDS I HAVE SHOOK….shook’n, shake’n.  BAH I don’t care.

The important part is that I have been infected and it is only a matter of time before all these germs get me and turn my internal organs to water.  It’s gonna be super great.

I pretty much get sick after every convention I go to.  It’s just the combination of eating badly for a weekend, too much stress for the show, and finally it’s a bit of a humanity Petri dish when I’m at my most vulnerable.  And I am so soooo vulnerable right now.

I’m sneezing just thinking about it.  We’ll get into how I’m completely socially retarded and how I make every conversation weird later.


Westercon 2019 is now over and so far I do not have Ebola……. Yet.  Or possibly it’s incubating.  I’m going to die, I can feel it in my watery bones.  Doom!  Doom!  DOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!