I think I must be Japanese.  It’s the only explanation that makes any sense for why I am completely obsessed with tentacles.  I think I also read a bit too much H. P. Lovecraft growing up and possibly read a few too many manga comics.  These things warp the brain of a young introverted man during his formative years.

Of all the Lovecraftian monsters my favorite by far is the Shoggoth.  A giant protoplasmic monstrosity constantly forming and reforming eyes, organs, and tentacles.  And weirdly it keeps shrieking “tekeli-li!” in a high pitched voice.

Look, I do love my Lovecraft stories, but “Tekeli-li!?”  There is nothing LESS scary than that.

That’s like being in a zombie apocalypse scenario and the zombies, instead of moaning and screaming “Brains!” instead burp and shout “I’m Fluffy!” in a Bugs Bunny voice.  Check that.  The more I think about that the more scary it becomes.  So maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe “Tekeli-li!” is actually terrifying and I don’t realize it.