The Wasted: The Toxic Waste Zombie Type

The latest in my Zombies Defined comic series.

To be honest I expect the three types of Chemical zombies to have the most arguments about them.

Look most people aren’t chemists, myself included, and I can see how it could be argued that there is not enough to differentiate the three types of zombies here in my list.

To show a difference between the chemical subtypes of zombie I think you have to go with what the chemical/drugs were intended for.

Chemical Zombies

  • Pharmaceutical (These were drugs intended to help humans….. instead…. oh crap! zombies!)
  • Toxic/Medical Waste (Discarded waste material that spontaneously raises the dead…. somehow)
  • Misc. Chemicals (Compounds that revive the dead as a side affect)

For the record the only chemical I really care about is sweet sweet caffeine.

I love you Caffeine.

If you were a woman I’d marry you… ah hell, even if you were a dude… and an ugly dude at that.
Don’t you judge me! Who are you to deny our love?