I spent more time on this comic than I usually do. It had tentacles so I had to do it. Now I command you, LOVE ME. LOOOOOVVVEEEE MMMMEEEEEE!

But not in that slappy awkward way, I’m married.

We approach the end of the comic’s current story arc and as you can see from the comic above it is going to hit the fan. I am looking forward to the ridiculous over the top wanton destruction that will soon come to pass. It’ll be like one of my family reunions but with fewer nasty jello and yam deserts. Honestly Yams? Who eats that crap? Bleaaak!

You can blame H.P. Lovecraft for my love of horrible monster with Tentacles, they run a very close second to zombies on my list of things that I love. I’ve been looking for an excuse to mix Cthulhu Mythos monsters into my zombie comic for a while. Love them so much.