I would be horrified if I went to the book store and saw this section too… Oh wait, I WAS HORRIFIED!  Because this is a real genre now.

Women of all ages is seems love the idea of dating vampires, werewolves, what have you.  But I feel the zombie is highly underrepresented in the “Teen Paranormal Romance” genre.

That seems wrong to me, as zombies have a lot of good qualities in a boyfriend.

  1. They love you for your Mind and Body.
  2. They are not easily distracted and will sit there moaning for hours as you talk about your day and various girls you don’t like.
  3. Zombie are not into sports nearly to the level of your average guy,  they will drink all your beer though.
  4. Zombies will NOT try to sleep with your sister.  Little known fact, Zombies are very loyal.
  5. The most important reason for a zombie boyfriend though.  One quality that he has far above other gothic monsters…. Stamina. (And don’t you dare lie, ladies,  and tell me that’s not important)

Zombies simply never ever give up. (Now if I can get this zombie webcomic in that section I’ll be happy.)