The Invader: The Alien Energy Zombie Type.

If you’ve seen “Plan 9 From Outer Space” (Written by the legend, Ed Wood) you will know how awesome that movie is. That movie is the very definition of movies “So bad that they are good.”

Written poorly, acted poorly, terrible special effects. Read this dialogue and know “Plan 9 From Outer Space’s” greatness.

Tanna: Eros, do we *have* to kill them?
Eros: Yes.
Tanna: It seems such a waste.
Eros: Well, wouldn’t it be better to kill a few now than, with their meddling, permit them to destroy the entire universe?
Tanna: You’re always right, Eros.
Eros: Of course. But those are not my words; those are the words of the Ruler.

Colonel Tom Edwards: For a time we tried to contact them by radio but no response. Then they attacked a town, a small town I’ll admit, but never the less a town of people, people who died.”

Eros: With your ancient, juvenile minds you have developed explosives too fast for your minds to conceive what you are doing. You are on the verge of destroying the entire universe. We are a part of that universe. This is our last… [cuts off]

Tanna: What do you think will be the next obstacle the Earth people will put in our way?

Eros: Well, as long as they can think – we’ll have our problems.

Eros: You know, it’s an interesting think when you consider… the Earth people, who can think, are so frightened by those who cannot: the dead. Well… our ship should be regenerated. We better get started.

That last one is my favorite.