The Innsmouth look is hot and nobody knows that better than a bunch of smelly zombies.  Zombies can’t afford to be picky when they are dating.  Pretty much if you show the slightest amount of interest they will be all over you like white on rice.  It’s a match made in heaven or someplace less than awesome than that.

See zombies aren’t like those snooty vampires who get all picky when it comes to picking up dates.  Vampires only date clumsy Mary Sue characters these days… But a zombie, he doesn’t care what you look like.  He doesn’t care if you have a job or if you have the Innsmouth look and are kinda gross looking.

Zombies don’t even care if you have an unpleasant personality (Like my ex-wife…. unless her lawyer is reading this, then I mean someone Else’s ex-wife).  Zombies just want love.  Love, sweet zombie love.

No zombies aren’t a picky bunch all they care about is that you’re willing…. Wait a second in that case they are pretty much like guys already.  Wow, we are pigs.

I’m cool with that.